Solo Photo Exhibition In New York- "IN SEARCH OF HONG KONG VISION"

雲圖畫廊|STONE WONG 個展


展覽日期:2016年7月14日 - 7月28日

Exhibition Duration: July 14, 2016 - July 28, 2016

開幕酒會:2016年7月14日 晚7點至9點

Opening Reception: July 14, 2016, 7-9PM


Address: Cloud Gallery. 66 W Broadway, New York, New York 10007

新晉攝影師 Stone Wong 將於 Cloud Gallery 舉行其首個於紐約的個人作品展

In Search of HK Vision》,開幕酒會將於 2016 年 7 月 14 日晚 7 時舉行。

An emerging Hong Kong photographer Stone Wong will hold his debut solo exhibition “ In Search of HK Vision ” at the Cloud Gallery in New York City. This exhibition will open on Thursday, July 14th, 2016 with a public reception at 7pm for the artist.

《Fear #1》, Stone Wong, Matt paper print, 16x24in

展覽《In Search of HK Vision》展示了 Stone Wong 一系列作品,包括

《Lost In Chinatown》、 《Film Noir》、 《The Lady》、 《Fear》、

《Deviate In Murk》、 《The Gentlemen》和 《Dark Is coming》。作品敏銳地呈現中西文化融合的特色,並展示 Stone 對中國發展、香港遠景、國際視野以至人性的獨特構想。

"In Search of HK Vision" will showcase Wong’s favourite series of photography, including "Lost in Chinatown", "Film Noir", "The Lady", "Fear", "Deviate in Murk", "The Gentlemen and Dark is Coming". Stone presents a harmonious blend of Chinese and Western culture in his work while sharing a special view for China's rapid development, Hong Kong and international vision, and humanity issues. ​

香港是 Stone的根,但他選擇旅居於中國內地及美國不同的城市,以磨練自己及培養靈感,慢慢為其對香港遠景下了獨特定義。沒有既定答案,從思索中領悟, 從感受中發現不同,Stone 善於把中、西方文化融入自己的時尚攝影系列和人像作品中。正如 Stone 所言:「攝影不僅是按下快門的瞬間,攝影是永恆的」。

Hong Kong is Stone’s root, but he chose to travel and live abroad in different cities in China and U.S. in order to widen his perspectives and culture inspirations. There is no definite answer for 「Hong Kong Vision」. By understanding through thinking, discovering through experiencing, Stone made an attempt to define his unique view of 「Hong Kong Vision」, and presented his distinctive sense of Chinese and Western culture into his fashion photography and portrait works. As Stone says: "Photography is not only about the moment of pressing the shutter, photography is nothing but eternity."

《Lost In Chinatown #3》, Stone Wong, Matt paper print, 16x24in

作為一個以紐約為基地的香港攝影師,在多元文化的環境下,Stone 為自己中國人的身份而感到自豪,亦對中國的迅速發展有所反思。 如其中一展覽系列

《Lost In Chinatown》, 他特意選用了美國的形象指導、日本的化妝師,以及中國的模特兒,希望透過多國文化共融,讓藝術家們各自表達自己對中國美的定義,為作品注入獨一無二的視覺效果。

Being a New York based Hong Kong photographer, Stone is proud to have a Chinese identity with strong experience in culturally diverse environment, which enhance his reflection about China. From his series "Lost In Chinatown", Stone created a peculiar but yet coherent collection that challenges people’s perceptions on Chinese beauty. By having an American stylist, a Japanese make-up artist and a Chinese model to collaborate in this project, Stone presented vivid visuals of China in its new era.

Stone 從十七歲擁有第一部相機開始愛上攝影,二十九歲時毅然放棄時裝貿易工作,到紐約追尋攝影夢想,並於紐約電影學院進修攝影技巧。Stone特別喜歡透過鏡頭捕捉情感,並擅長時尚美容和人像攝影。作品曾刊登於 Gothesque Magazine 和 Nam Magazine。

Stone fell in love with photography when he first owned a camera at the age of 17. When he turned 29, Stone made a decision to quit his promising career in the Fashion trading industry in order to pursue his dream in photography. His enthusiasm for photography eventually led him to New York, where he perfected his skills at the New York Film Academy. Stone is strong at capturing the emotional moments of people, and is especially devoted in fashion, beauty and portrait photography. His works had been featured in Gothesque Magazine and Nam Magazine.


請聯絡 Anny:

High-resolution scans will be available for the press. For media enquiries, please contact to Anny:

作品最終解釋權歸Stone Wong所有

All photographs copyright © Stone Wong


Editor/ Muke Wang

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