Stone Wong is a seasoned photographer who was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is now a New York based photographer, focusing in fashion, beauty and portrait photography. His works have been featured in Gothesque Magazine and Nam Magazine.

Stone fell in love with photography when he first owned a camera at the age of 17. He devoted great passion for this hobby and became an amateur photographer for a few years while he was having a promising career in the Fashion trading industry. 

When Stone turned 29, he made a decision to quit his job in order to pursue his dream in photography. He started different creative projects in which there were opportunities for him to collaborate with artists from all over the world.           His enthusiasm for photography eventually led him to New York, where he perfected his skills at the New York Film Academy.

Having spent years living in dynamic cities of China and U.S., Stone’s unique experience in culturally diverse environments has great impact on his perspectives for arts and photography. He is especially strong in capturing the emotional moments of people, and he has a keen sense in presenting a blend of Chinese and Western culture in his works. 


"Photography is not only about the moment of pressing the shutter, photography is nothing but eternity." – Stone Wong.